Heaven with Others

Bingo. Crazy Eights. 
 This on three by five note card: 
 Try more egg white in Devil’s Food Cake.
Francine’s hand. Francine? Gone.
Heaven will remember us defending our profundity in whatever form
forgives the autumn or spring wasted casually as the trouble of life kept kept turning over
new leaves, foisting children on us and retreating.
What does “harquebus” mean?
And the foul-breathed cat that used to frisk the wndow well screen---toppling my cucumber
Where is it? What was its name? Rudy, Ruddy? A word is “as manna from heaven.”
Brigitte, Esther, Hannah, Rutherford?
The icy river one crosses in that dream of Stella skating before she pirhouettes into
the essence of the summer cabin. God bless us. What is 9 x 7? I wake pierced to the gut
by…what? I’ve been sobbing about it!
And then I hear Lenny as per this time of night every night. “The sun room,” he nearly sings….
He’d be throwing his arms out in the sincerest of empty embraces: 
 “The sun room! I haven’t been in the sunroom in such a long time!”
Yesterday’s Porn

Porn Pic’s/ Barn Theme Circa ‘79/80

Rain after dull humidity, rain after Midwestern heat, downpour tearing
The sky open along a seam. Sky welling like split sack of grain. Rust devours
A sitting plow, decrepit except for its perfect heart-shaped seat. 
It’s Kankakee.. Dubuque? Late July. Couple rushes into barn. 
Sudden as rain at noon they’re fucking.
The ‘finder’s-keeper’s-loser’s-starved-duck-scavenger-bat-upside-down-in-rafters-spider spinning-that’s-always-awake-story: He rides in on chopper. She’s always been there: Denim shirt, first three buttons missing. Meanwhile the farmer’s gone--forced to sell everything. His barn’s flat-side is billboard space reading:
 ‘Drink Coca Cola.’ 
It’s his daughter, pretty thing, going down on slightly amazed stranger? 
Smell the brine-tinged under-soil turned recently by a John Deere
and recall the plot (like Oxen) has always been
in service to the burden. 
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